7 Tips for Repairing Your Damaged Hair

    Severe hair damage can be brought on by different factors, including the use of hot tools, repeated coloring, direct sunlight, and using the wrong kind of shampoo. You regularly style your hair, apply the best products available, and trim the split ends. Yet it still lacks a vibrant, fresh appearance. This might imply that your current hair care routine is ineffective for your hair type.

    For instance, maintaining long hair when it is very dry and damaged will not benefit you. One of the first measures to repair the damage is getting the best haircut for your particular hair type. If your hair is severely damaged or you experience severe hair loss, you can also visit a hair restoration center for the best hair loss treatment. Read on to discover the top methods for breathing new life into your dry, brittle hair.

    1. Replace your hairbrush 

    Your hair's frizz and wildness might be caused by your hairbrush. If you use the wrong brush for your hair type, you'll get split ends and difficult-to-tame static electricity. Additionally, brushing wet hair while in the shower can also cause permanent damage to it, making it thinner and more fragile. Consider using a wide-tooth comb or detangling brush after applying the conditioner.

    Ask your hairdresser for help if you're unsure about the best brush to use for your hair.  A good boar bristle brush, for instance, will help move the oils from your hair all the way to the roots. The final effect is a less oily scalp and hair that is all glossy and appealing.

    1. Deep cleanse your hair at home 

    Your hair can get suffocated and dry if you wash and style it with a lot of products. Make a clarifying treatment with baking soda paste and apple cider vinegar to get rid of product buildup. You can also consider investing in a good clarifying shampoo that will thoroughly clean your locks.

    1. Cut your hair

    Trimming is the simplest technique to eliminate split ends and damaged hair. However, avoid the rookie mistake of using kitchen scissors to cut your own hair. This is because using multipurpose scissors can cause a great deal of harm. Hairdressers use the best scissors available that are designed exclusively for cutting hair. Consult your hairdresser if you're unsure of what haircut would look best on you. They'll assist you in choosing a simple, low-maintenance hairstyle that you can maintain without compromising your hair.

    1. Try DIY deep-conditioning recipes

    Consider a deep conditioning treatment once a week to restore your hair’s natural shine and nourish it. You can also try monthly hot oil treatments to keep your hair moisturized. Applying your hair oil of choice is best after washing your hair and drying it with a towel. Some of the hair restoration products you should consider include jojoba oil, extra virgin coconut, olive, or argan oil. Put on a plastic shower cap and wrap a heated towel over your hair. Rinse with cold water after an hour or two of applying the oil. 

    1. Improve your diet 

    Are you aware that your diet can affect how healthy your hair is? Foods packed with protein, iron, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamins C, A, and E should be a part of your nutrition. Eggs, seafood, green leafy vegetables, carrots, avocados, whole grains, fruit such as oranges, and nuts are all good sources of these nutrients.

    1. Stay hydrated 

    It's important to stay hydrated if you want to repair your damaged hair. Adequate water intake will aid in the growth and renewal of your locks. Your follicles and scalp will receive enough moisture from eight glasses of water each day or from soups, smoothies, and juices made from fruits and vegetables.

    1. Avoid hot hair styling tools 

    One of the biggest reasons for damaged hair is the use of hot tools, especially when done often. If you want to give your hair a break, stop using heat for style, at least for a few weeks. Also, whenever possible, try to dry your hair naturally. Make sure to use heat-protectant sprays and serums if you must use hot tools. These will put up a shield between the hot plates and your hair.

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