Aging Gracefully: Tips For Embracing Your Age

    It's happening – the big 3-0 is right around the corner for me. And while I used to dread this milestone, I'm now almost excited for it. But let me tell you, it's taken almost 5 years of self-reflection, confidence building, therapy and a few glasses of wine to get to this point. Back when I was 24, the thought of hitting mid-twenties was terrifying. Society places an insane amount of pressure on women to stop time, as if aging is something we should be ashamed of. But I'm here to tell you that aging should be celebrated, not disguised. If you're looking for tips on how to look younger, this isn't the article for you. Instead, let's talk about how to age gracefully with acceptance, celebration, and empowerment. Here are a few tips on how I learned to do just that.

    Prioritize Self-Care

    Self-care is essential to aging gracefully. It's not just about pampering yourself with spa treatments and bubble baths, although those are great too. It's about taking care of yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally. As women, we often put the needs of others before our own, but it's essential to take care of ourselves first.

    One way to prioritize self-care is by making time for exercise. And no, I’m not talking about focusing on keeping that booty perky and that stomach flat. I’m talking about movement that helps you connect with yourself, relieve stress and discover the amazing things your physical body can do. Whether it's yoga, running, weight lifting or even just taking long walks - find something that makes you feel good.

    Another way to prioritize self-care is by setting boundaries. Learn to say no to things that don't serve you, and make time for the things that do. Don't feel guilty for taking time for yourself, and remember that self-care is not selfish.

    Embrace Your Body

    Our bodies change as we age, and that's okay. It's essential to learn to embrace our bodies at every stage of life. Society puts unrealistic expectations on women to look a certain way, but it's time to challenge those standards.

    Instead of focusing on our flaws, let's focus on the things we love about our bodies. Maybe you have strong legs that can carry you through a long hike, or maybe you have soft curves that make you feel feminine and beautiful. Whatever it is, focus on the positive aspects of your body and learn to love yourself as you are.

    Challenge Ageism

    Ageism is the discrimination or prejudice against people based on their age, and it's prevalent in our society – especially when it comes to women. We need to challenge ageism by starting to celebrate our age and the wisdom that comes with it. We should be proud of the life experience we've gained and the knowledge we have to offer. Let's challenge the idea that younger is always better and embrace the beauty of aging.

    Find Your Passion

    As we age, it's easy to get stuck in a routine and forget about our passions. It's important to find things that bring us joy and fulfilment. Whether it's a new hobby or a career change, find something that excites you and pursue it.

    Women are often told that after 25 the possibility to pursue their dreams is closed off. But let's be real - this is one of the most insidious and sexist lies out there. Just look at the inspiring stories of women like Julia Child, who didn't publish her first cookbook until age 49, or Viola Davis, who didn't land her first major acting role until she was 40. Take risks and don't let anyone hold you back from what you want to achieve.

    Cultivate Meaningful Relationships

    As we get older, our squad naturally changes. Some people drift away, but that's not always a bad thing. As we mature, we get better at recognizing who lifts us up and who brings us down. It's important to surround yourself with people who have your back and share your goals. So if you've got some toxic relationships weighing you down, it's time to cut the cord. You deserve to be surrounded by people who uplift and support you. 

    Don't be afraid to let go of the dead weight and make room for new connections with people who will help you be your best self. Life's too short to waste time on relationships that don't serve you.

    Embrace Aging as a Feminist Act

    Aging gracefully can be a feminist act. It's about rejecting the patriarchal standards that value youth and beauty above all else. By embracing our age, we're challenging the idea that women have an expiration date and showing that beauty and worth come in all forms.

    As women, we can use our experiences and wisdom to create positive change in the world. We can challenge the status quo and fight for a more equitable society for all. Embracing our age is not just about our individual journey, but it's also about creating a better world for future generations of women.Top of Form


    • Julia M Julia M :

      Ines! I love this post and I truly could not agree more. I personally very much dislike all the ageism around or even when young people call themselves old or that they are getting older. This is so absurd, especially because aging has a bad connotation. We should all definitely challenge ageism starting with ourselves and our attitude.  

      1 year ago 
    • Epsita M Epsita M :

      This is such an important and useful post, Ines! I loved the tips you have mentioned above in the post, and totally agree with you that instead of shaming the process of aging, we should celebrate and feel great about it. There's so much to explore in each stages of life and I'm not afraid of exploring the unknow as I'm aging, and now that I am in my forties <3 

      9 months ago 
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