Denim Overload

    Cool highwasted washed out jeans. I love the ones with a used look. Does anybody else can't stop wearing high waist jeans? I just wonder why I ever wore any lower fitted types, they are less comfortable.

    A beautiful denim jacket (can’t get enough of them). This one with embroidered details. And little studs.

    More dungarees. This one is more a summer-like pieces and having it in Autumn might not be the best decisions. Aaah well… good reason to plan a trip to the south!

    River Island
    A tough grungy boyfriend denim jacket. I always love to steal my boyfriends clothes. The bigger, the better. To hide myself from harsh rainy and cold weather.

    A downtown streetwise denim piece. Could be worn as dress or as jacket (!) With a hat its’ definitely a boho item, but with a cap it’s creates that urban vibe.

    I remember Dungarees from when I was a kid. I loved this comfy solution, even though going to the toilet was quite a hassle. Love to see their strong comeback. Must have!

    Dr denim
    This wouldn’t be a true denim list if there wasn’t a distressed denim pants. My fav at the moments comes from Dr Denim, who truly honers its name..

    Cheap Monday
    Long denim skirt by Cheap Monday with Edgy vibes. Normally I’m not into these kinds of lengths, but for this one I’ll make an exception.

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