Exciting announcement!!

    That’s the face of one happy girl right there!! ??? One week goes by without me posting and I feel like I need to write a whole life update blogpost! 

    But in most recent news, I don’t know if you saw on my Facebook yesterday or Instagram this morning but.... I’ve been chosen to be an @asicsfrontrunner for 2018! I am still in shock but so excited?! I guess it’s time to start running again?? I’ve really neglected it the past few months, living on a mountain doesn’t make it easier to just go for a casual jog. ?? #GBlife 

    But on that note, I’m off to @healthQtechnologies in Stellenbosch again today to do a VO2max testing where I will pretty much have to run till failure..... while my boyfriend will be screeming at me... #funtimes 

    So big breakfast now, killing myself on a treadmill and then we are off to Langebaan with my two childhood best friends and their partners! So excited! I hope everyone has a great #Friyay and weekend!! ?

    Photo credit to the amazing @carlaotography. Can’t wait for our collaboration shoot next week with @asics and @movepretty ??


    Instagram: @carlawestfitness

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