How To Create A More Peaceful And Relaxed Day For Yourself

How To Create A More Peaceful And Relaxed Day For Yourself

    "Every day brings a choice: to practice stress or to practice peace." - Joan Borysenko.

    Today's post is all about finding peace by enjoying where you are in life, right now! Inner peace comes from appreciating life- with all it's ups and downs. It's about doing what you can, and knowing that no matter what you do, or how your approach is- you are sure to face challenges. 

    Yes! That's why what we choose matters. Inner peace and mindfulness may sound like big therapeutic words, and you may even leave my page right away before reading any further! 

    But before you go, just know that, "I am not going to share the tips where you will be required to take a day off  and relax, or leave everything else and meditate- only to find back your inner peace! Yes, nothing of that sort; but just to find your inner peace of mind right where you are.

    We all know that we feel stressed either by overthinking or by overdoing things. But, whenever a situation occurs that disturb our peace, it is definitely not easy to have stable thoughts in that moment without thinking about that particular situation, that affected us deeply! 

    If you could relate to this or something similar, you will agree that once  this situation arrives, we find ourselves constantly thinking about it in our head. There's a constant chatter in our head that we find it very hard to turn off and focus elsewhere.

    I have been working hard from past few years on this process to shut these noises out of my head, and to focus elsewhere; but it took me many years to master this process, a little bit. I am still a beginner when it comes to maintaining and mastering my inner peace. But this is one of my biggest goals that I want to achieve this year.  I'm still working on the methods to gather my whole self and bring it to the present moment, no matter how the situation is for me.  

    It is hard to quiet the chaotic state of our mind, especially when we are walking our days on auto-pilot feeling anxious about what our future holds, and or about our past regrets. Isn't it?

    Whenever we feel stressed, all we want to do is, "just sit quietly, relax, recharge, and to find a calm place for ourselves; but do you think it is always possible to get away from your present situation and feel calm, balanced, focused, and at peace? We can always try!

    The only way to find out how to do it is, by figuring out what works for you. Not everyone can do some kind of immediate breathing exercises, or a quick yoga to calm themselves down, or to feel less-stressful! But we can practice various ways to focus our mind and feel better by finding peace right where we are.

    Make peace with yourself, and accept all that is happening with you now, today, or tomorrow, in that very moment to enjoy life on a deeper and more satisfying level.

    When we agree to sit with our worries and challenges, or anything that is happening (at present) in our life, or in our relationships, or in our career, at work, with friends; everything gets easy to accept the reality. Our mind realizes that we need to work through it, and not around it by running away from our challenges [that's stressing us out]!

    I am learning to change the way I see my thoughts, and changing the way I deal with them, now! I am learning to accept most parts of me- good or bad. Only when I make peace with my own self (in every way), I will be able to find peace around me. No matter what comes and goes, life goes on. So the realization, "that it is crucial to laugh and enjoy life while we can," changed me, changed my attitude towards feeling frustrated, empty, or unfortunate. I have promised myself to live my best every moment- no matter what challenge life throws at me!

    By tuning into our innate wisdom and inner voice, we learn to stop blaming ourselves, and cursing our fate when things didn't work as we expected! We will learn to slow down, aim higher while working hard in an honest way. Being honest with our emotions, with all kinds of feelings is so very important to maintain our sanity, to stay sane under stress. And this can happen only with the practice. 

    The only way to quiet my thoughts and find peace within is by:

    1. Stopping myself from feeling like a victim to my circumstances.

    2. By releasing all controls I've over myself and others. I cannot control everyone, but myself and my life only. So I will do what's good for me and let others do their part. I will stick to my boundaries when I choose to continue interacting with them. 

    3. Connecting to my higher self, because that's the real me, my true manifestation that is much bigger than my physical self.  My higher self is eternal and unlimited, very well aware of my desires, dreams, intentions, and secrets. It's an essential part of me that guides me, inspires me, and leads me to my best intentions, and teaches me through insight.

    4. Living with best intentions without any strings attached to the conditions that surrounds me. I've decide not to give power to my conditions to influence my mood. And therefore I decide how I want to feel right now amidst all the negative voices that's trying to pull me and my spirits down.

    5. Adjusting my Focus. I get to choose what I focus upon, and this very thought is very liberating. It makes me appreciate the fact that, I'm not controlled by my conditions. I can always make better choices for myself and look beyond my problems and worries. I now shift my focus to only those things that keeps my mind at peace and helps me work on my dreams and goals. This helps me not to focus on the problem, as well as not to dwell on any kind of negative energy in my current reality. 

    This is how I have learned to quickly shift my focus and redirect my energy to doing things that I love the most! These practices have helped me stay grounded and stay aligned with the Universe. I understand that it is definitely not easy to remain calm and focused when a challenging condition shows up in our life, but through keeping myself occupied and only caring about the things that are important for me right now, I am learning to handle my life and the stressful situations in a better way than before.    

    Main Image Credit- Photo by Anete Lusina from Pexels   

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