I am Sofia in the morning sun beaming at your window.

I am Sofia in the morning sun beaming at your window.

    I’m a dreamer. I sing in the rain. Dance in the shower. I talk to myself. I see every day as a miracle. I stargaze with artificial stars. I create different worlds in different papers. I ask the most unexpected questions to strangers. I am Sofia in the morning sun beaming at your window. I read books on Saturday afternoons and go to church with my parents on a Sunday. I read scriptures to people during the masses and lectures my daring friends. I’m breaking chains to freedom. 

    I’m unique. I speak what’s inside my mind. I am the yellow ribbon in an old oak tree. I am the royal blue princess amidst the ocean of pink puffs and unicorns. I wonder what would Rizal, Bonifacio, M. Del Pilar, G. Del Pilar, and General Luna’s statement be to the Philippines of today. I question my purpose repeatedly as I get the answers daily. I am unconditionally loved. I question the existence of creatures in this rock bottom world. I’m an ocean of thoughts. 

    I sketch. I paint. I’ve ridden a tubebibo extra force and conquered my fear of spinners. I climb mountains. I am fearless. I’m a nocturnal being even without coffee. I love to make people love my crazy being. I love to laugh with them. I cook different types of the omelette as my masterpiece. I write poetry. I appreciate cute delights like choco bars and sikwati during rainy October mornings. I travel back in time during moments in my slumber to witness 1688 Philippines. I tried making journals, cards, and crafts. I define seasons with smells. Reading I Love You Since 1892 at Fairy Pub with a cup of hot cocoa is enough to send my being to Elysium. I am creative and artistic.

    I engage with technology but still remains ‘Carmelita’. Programs are my food. My laptop is my best bud. I’m your not so geek girl in this world full of rock bottom princesses.

    I want to break more chains as I want to change the world. I want to destroy depressions of unfaithful little creatures. I want to crush stereotypes. I refuse to focalize in the ocean of none individuality and automaton. I’ll be the pages of history. 

    This is who I am because I value every millisecond of life. Everything in me since the day I entered this world and burst my first tears because I’ve witnessed that I am living in a gigantic chaotic world, has made me into who I am at this moment. My six senses are wide awake to every honey and balsam apple of life. I let time shape me into who I am and want to be: open-minded, profound, unique, revolutionary, diverse, creative, artistic, radical and free.

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