Long distance relationship yes or no?

    I know a lot of people don't believe in long distance relationships. I think this is more personal choice, you can give it a chance or wandering for the rest of your life what could be. Maybe, if someone asked me this question when I was 18th years old probably I'll say I don't think it will work. We all have seen the movies with a great happy ending not every story are with happy ending on fortunately. I'm not saying it is not possible while I know it is possible, but only if you are both willing to put a lot of hard work in your relationship. Those who don't agree with me, it's fine I know you have your own reasons. I do know there are people who are in these distance relationships and sometimes you feel like nobody understands how hard it can be.

    What is the hardest thing in relationship? Well, for me that is distance. Soon it would be 4 years of my relationship, we have agreed on long distance for many reasons (my school, his work, careers, etc.) in that particular moment some things haven't been on outside. The thing is that we didn't want to lose each other, we knew we have something really special. We've agreed on a few things before we have decided to proceed, thing like discuss everything, have trust, we will be friends, partners in one word dedication those are keywords.

    In case, you're wondering why the hardest thing to me is distance because, when you have some argue or it is just a really bad day you can't get that kiss or hug to feel it when you really need it. I'm really proud of my relationship because we succeed in knowing each other so well and connect with each other on spiritual level too. We both agree that distance made us even closer and learned to appreciate more our time together. Nowadays, we are all witnesses of modern technology and what most of the relationships do for example when they are together on some dinner or lunch? Did you have noticed? A lot of them have their phones in hand and don't pay any kind of attention to his/her partner. Sometimes that can make me really sad, while they don't appreciate their time. Here and there, I wonder if they even know how lucky they are? Probably the answer is no.

    It is important that partners need to be aware in what are you getting into. I would agree that distance isn't for everyone, nor do everyone's strong enough for that...


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