Monochrome Goodness

    I find it creative fulfilling to transform ordinary objects lying around at home into artsy way by arranging it in different ways. You will be amazed at the potential everything has, to be turned into an artwork. Sharing some of the vignettes created with frames to give you an idea about how to create a home wall which has imagination and inventiveness!

    The monochrome scheme gives the best look to your wall. 9 small pieces can be arranged in a grid with few artistics pieces on the desk like Buddha, Wall Plates, Flower Vase, Candle Holder and others.

    Each individual pieces along with fairy lights can be placed too on desk and it too gives a classy look.

    A zoom look of all 9 frames together each sizing 5*5 and can be customized depending on the length and height of your wall.

    Just a flower vase with beautiful coloring flowers will work too!

    Just go for it. You can buy these pieces from https://www.instagram.com/the_artcouch/?hl=en and it is cost effective too.

    Do let me know in comment if you like these monochrome wall pieces for your home decor! <3

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