My Skincare Regime To Beat Rosacea

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    I have suffered from rosacea for a while now, if you have followed me for some time you would have read some of my previous posts about my personal battle, it is very much a hate/hate relationship. But, I haven’t posted about my journey for a good while now and that’s purely because I’ve been on a little journey myself, not physically – I would love to be on holiday right now – but more of a skin care journey. This journey wouldn’t have got me a police fine or some seriously nasty glares from neighbours!

    So, for any of you who may not be aware, certain changes in your lifestyle affect your rosacea massively, so I’ve had a pretty stressful year for reasons I’m not really going to go into – that’s a whole different blogpost (possibly upcoming, but we will see how I feel) and my skin as a result of being stressed has suffered. Mainly my own fault for neglecting my skin because at certain times my skin was the last thing on my mind until several months ago when I noticed that my flareup was pretty bad and it looked like it was staying.

    I thought it was time for me to put on my combat boots and tackle this problem head on. Again.

    When it comes to money, I understand that sometimes the cheaper the product is the more tempting it is to buy, and I am a sucker for a good bargain, so I would typically pick for cheaper alternates to expensive brands. And that is totally okay, but for once I go against my own beliefs because I think if you should invest in something then it should be your skin. Here I am pointing out the bleeding obvious but your skin is something that everyone who meets you automatically looks at, and as harsh as it may seem, you do notice if someone has good or bad skin, so for this matter, I tend to splash out on some products, but naturally, I always keep a good eye on any upcoming offers or sales. Hey, once a bargain hunter always a bargain hunter!

    Make Up Removal
    You may have noticed that there aren’t any make up wipes included, and that is because I have actually swapped using wipes for something a little more soothing to my skin. I am not treading on make up wipes what so ever, and if you like them then you go girl! But for me, scrubbing my skin with the wipe was really harsh on my cheeks and had caused major flare up’s and redness on my skin which has completely been avoided with using Micellar water and the Body Shop’s Camomile range.

    I am a massive fan of the Camomile Gentle Eye Makeup Remover by The Body Shop, which I use on a cotton pad, and I have noticed that I have a lot less eyelash fall out using this product than compared to when I use make up wipes. I would typically assume harsh movements need to be applied when using heavy eye makeup, which I am famous for wearing on an everyday occasion, but this is not the case when removing eye makeup with this product.

    In terms of removing my face makeup I am obsessed with the Sumptuous Cleansing Butter which literally melts away all of your face makeup. I know right, MELTS! So, before I discovered this little beaut of a product I used makeup wipes which really made my skin red sore, if anything due to the dragging and pulling caused on the skin. But since swapping to the butter my skin doesn’t hurt as much and I can’t believe the pain I used to inflict on myself when it really wasn’t necessary. When applied in circular motions with your fingers, your makeup basically dissolves and comes off your face, the only thing I can suggest is washing off the remains of the butter because it is pretty greasy to lift all the products off your face. But once washed off your face is left feeling extremely soft, oh yeah, and makeup free!

    Daily Routine
    There is no nicer way than to start the day off right by giving your skin some tender loving and care, which is why as soon as I put my contact lenses in I pop on my face creams ready to face the day ahead.

    I feel like cleansing is one of the most important parts of skincare. I use the Skin Therapy Sensitive Skin Cleanser in particular which I got from Wilko because I instantly know it wold be kind to my skin with it being fragrance free which is really soothing and calming on my skin. I cleanse on a morning just to get rid of any dirt that could have built up on my skin overnight due to sweating or even touching my face without realising whilst I’m sleeping.

    Having rosacea I have extremely dry skin which needs to be looked after as much as I possibly can. I bought Garnier’s Intense Care Moisturising Cream several months ago but I have just started using it only recently. I love this cream because a little really does go a long long way so I think it will take me a long while for the cream to be used up. My face, and hands feel silky smooth hours after I have first applied.

    I do have other Garnier day creams which I use whilst mixing things up, but at the minute this one is my absolute fave!

    Nightly Routine
    Making sure you clean your face on a night is probably the most important part of skincare, I think you really need to make sure all impurities are off your skin. Don’t you just sleep better knowing your skin is the cleanest it can possibly be? It’s like slipping into clean bedsheets every night!

    I believe cleansing is such a vital part of having clean skin so I actually cleanse my face twice a day, on a morning and on a night. Cleansing brings out all of the bacteria that may have built up on your skin just from being out and about, outside as well as impurities left on the skin from touching your face, or even just grime in general. So yes, my Wilko cleanser comes out again!

    Face oils are an amazing product to try out to see if you have dry skin or not. If your skin absorbs the oil extremely quickly it mean your skin is dehydrated and it needs moisturised and some loving, but if the oil soaks in at a normal/regular pace then you are lucky and your skin is not dry.

    The first time I tried an oil I was in The Body Shop, and I was given a demonstration on the Oils of Life Facial Oil and I was gobsmacked at how quick the oil absorbed into the back of my hand, I just knew my face needed some proper looking after and now I cannot go to bed without applying my oil. I can just imagine lying in bed in the dark and quiet thinking about how dry my skin and that thought alone would probably be enough to haunt me in my dreams if I ever skipped this step – intentionally or unintentionally.

    Several months ago I was kindly approached by SkinKissed and was gifted their Flawless Skin Facial Serum which is packed with collagen and Vitamin C. You can use this product as a base for foundation, but I prefer to use it on a night as I take it in turns with the Body Shop oil. I would just make sure this serum in particular is rubbed in properly as there is a slight tint in the serum giving your skin a colourful glow, just to avoid any unwanted or even worse, unexpected patches!

    After being a massive massive fan of the Oils of Life Facial Oil, I knew I needed more of the Oils of Life range. I was recommended the Sleeping Cream when I was getting the demo for the oil. I can, hand on heart say I am so glad I splashed out and got this cream because oh boy,  I cannot imagine my life without this cream being a part of it! My skin feels like velvet and even when I wake up in the morning my skin still feels so soft.

    Would you guys be interested if I done a YouTube or Instagram TV video demonstrating how I use the products? Let me know in the comments because it is something I have been contemplating for a while now.

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