Pale Blue Silky Sheets

    She let her bags gently slide off her shoulder as she glanced around her room

    The room that she paid thirty dollars a week for

    In this strange house, she calls her new home

    With this new family, she finds a new beginning

    A new life, to start in whatever and however, she knows how

    At 16 going on 30 perhaps, she doesn't know, but it seems like, for now

    It seemed like the world has stopped going round for her

    She keeps on moving, walking each heavy step

    She looks at the bed with its silky pale blue sheets and felt its coolness, or was it just how she felt

    The coldness and sterile part of the beginning of her journey

    Sadness tried to grip her heart and entire being, but she didn't let it, for all she felt was nothing

    Her being numb and frozen

    Beyond this door and walls, she just needed to survive day after day

    This day and tomorrow

    For all she had was herself and what good would it do, to drown in sorrow, when you're all alone, it'll only get worse

    She awakes early in the morning to do what the master of the house instructs her to do

    Before she heads off to school

    Alone on the road, she accepts that ride, only to escape the bitterness slap of the snowy blizzard against her face

    The old man with the white hair, ever so polite and gentle with his words and smile, lifted her spirits with his kindness

    The walk back home in the dead of the night after her shift at the bakery, wishing he'd appear, made her feel sad because it made her feel lonely

    Hungry for someone to care, it's been awhile

    If only he would re-appear just to ask how her day was, is all she needed

    Starved for his kindness, as she enters the house, full of chores waiting for her tired body

    At 2 am, she finished ironing the last piece of clothing and headed upstairs to her room with the pale blue silky sheets

    Not once did she think of her mother, in another continent  probably thinking of her daughter, trying not to think of her too

    The day had come when she couldn't take it anymore

    Taken for granted for being young

    Taken for granted for being alone

    Taken for granted for being poor

    She finally left that house with the room that had a bed with pale blue silky sheets, and she was free

    • M D M D :

      This is beautiful. I was really taken into the story and wanted to know what would happen to the main character next. Thank you for sharing your words!

      3 years ago 
      • Tessie G Tessie G :

        Hey Miko, thank you so much for your reply! I'm so glad you enjoyed the read and the main character I created. Who knows perhaps there would be a continuation to this poem, it's worth a thought, right! :) I appreciate your visit. 

        Take Care,

        Tessie xo

        3 years ago 
    • Void  V Void V :

      really beautiful writing— thank you for this post and look forward to hearing what more you have to write! 

      3 years ago 
      • Tessie G Tessie G :

        Hi Bridgette, aww thank you for your kind words, grateful for your time in reading my material!

        Take care,

        Tessie xo

        3 years ago 
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