Printable planners - now available

    When I started my blog journey, I was kind of overwhelmed. It was had to stay focus on researching, what to write, how to write, to-do list, and all. I have always wanted some kind of sheet here it would be easier for me to make it all happened. I have made a blog planner that has helped me stay on point with my posts. I know we are living in a digital world but, sometimes I need to have it on paper as well. If you like to use the combination of both worlds. I hope you will find this planner helpful.

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    Later on, when I started my Youtube journey, I was OMG all over again. After, watching a lot of videos, reading a lot of books, and learning what you need to be the focus on. The rules are changing all the time, if you are on Youtube I bet you know. I am the person that loves checking things off the list. In this planner, I have added something extra for mac users who use Numbers.

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    I have made these printable planners in two sizes A5 and A4. If you are wondering why two sizes, I love to have options. There is nothing wrong with that! Sometimes I love to have some extra space when I am doing the write-down and researching. The price is a symbolic 1$.

    I am hoping that someone will benefit from them like they are helping me to stay on track. Happy Friday!

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