Reset your productivity with a cleaning

    If you are following me for a longer time you already know, that I love to reset my productivity by cleaning my room first. There is something in a clean space that makes me be more productive.   

    Anytime when I feel that I can't be productive I look around the space that I am working in. If I got the feeling that is not clean I stop what I supposed to do and rearrange my schedule.

    Productivity is an important part of my life because I try to work smarter not harder. Why would I waste two hours on something, if I can be in the right headspace and do it in 45 minutes!?

    We are all different but if you try everything out except for this, next time when you are not feeling productive and in the right headspace. Try to clean and organized the space where you are at the moment. Doesn't have to be the bedroom, can be only your working desk or living room. 


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