Stimulus Check Memes | The Funniest Memes on Twitter About the COVID-19 Stimulus Check

Stimulus Check Memes | The Funniest Memes on Twitter About the COVID-19 Stimulus Check

    There’s a lot of ambivalence when we talk about the COVID-19 pandemic. Regardless of whether people are sharing personal struggles or moments of joy, many seem to use humor to express themselves. 

    Many good things have come out of the pandemic. For example, we learned about a number of fun recipes like Banana Bread, which Fashion Potluck user Dana wrote more about here. At the same time, many had dealt with loss and isolation. Even some in rough situations used humor as a coping mechanism. 

    As Biden announced the new stimulus check and people start posting about receiving their's, stimulus check humor has been taking over my feeds on all social media platforms. Whether it be Instagram, Tik Tok, Snapchat, even the occasional time I log on to scroll on Facebook I have seen at least one meme related to the stimulus check. Even off of social media, I have heard many friends make jokes about going on fashion sprees. 

    I don’t really know whether I will be getting a stimulus check or not. Because of this uncertainty, I didn’t; want to get my hopes up. I still relate to his meme though. Once I felt comfortable ordering items online again, I looked exactly like this meme waiting for the mailman to deliver my items

    I remember growing up and thinking it was so funny how the families featured on this show wanted the most upgraded amenities in a house yet had a very limited budget. I thought it was humorous how the budget is the same value as the stimulus check. At the same time, his is kind of sad because for many the financial impact of COVID has been devastating 

    Although Biden won the elections, I know Bernie was a fan favorite for many young voters. Even at the Presidential inauguration, Bernie Sanders was the star of the show and became a viral sensation. 

    Like I said in the intro of the blog, the past year has been rough. Many continue to struggle with this “new” way of living. So many events have taken place shaking and changing all of society and simultaneously as individuals we have experienced our own personal battles. Sometimes the only way to make it through is to try and focus on the positive like the star of this meme 

    I’m not house-hunting at the moment, but if I had my stimulus check I would definitely change the price filters while online shopping for clothes. Also, baby Yoda is just the cutest!! 

    Even before the pandemic, I would be in shock by the fact that the minimum wage in the south was still so low, but it all makes sense considering the cost of living is much lower. The most common joke I hear is that 1,200 dollars a month can be used to pay the mortgage for a mansion-like house in Texas while that same amount can barely get you a studio apartment in NY. As expensive as it is to live in the city, I don’t think I would ever give it up because everything is so close and accessible. 

    Seeing this as one of the most popular stimulus checks memes really surprised me. It brought back memories of a childhood favorite I had completely forgotten about...I wish I wish, with all my might... that Netflix adds this show to their offerings so I could binge-watch!

    When the first stimulus check came out I remember there was a lot of debate regarding the quantity. Regardless of family size, the quantity was fixed, which in some cases was not enough to support. Using a Cheeto as protection from a SWAT team seems like a reasonable comparison for some.

    The broke college student stereotype is so common and real 87% of the time…During my time at school, I have even heard students that are well off struggle with money. The temptation to spend money on the newest tech or clothes instead of serious items is high because many of us don’t have responsibilities that require us to properly budget. Even those with a lot of financial responsibilities struggle with the temptation because they are still young and interested in doing what their peers do.

    More of the same irresponsible spending habits conveyed in a single image 

    Fashion Potluck user Iulianna expressed the same feeling of overspending to cope with the chaos that has resulted from this whole pandemic. Read more about it here. As funny as these jokes are, I couldn't help thinking about Iulianna's post and my own desires to overspend. As soon as I realized this, I was able to redirect my energy towards more productive things. Instead of spending 3 hours browsing for items to shop for, I will do homework or find other projects to work on. It's still a work in progress and it's nice to see that others had the same experiences. 

    Thanks for tuning in! Let me know what your favorite meme is from the ones I selected or share the link to something you've seen online. 

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      Are the stimulus checks for everybody? Even students can get them?   

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