I like to think of myself as quite a happy, upbeat, positive person, but I’m far from perfect. At times, little things really grind on me and I find myself getting annoyed at silly situations. So, get ready to have a good old giggle at my irritations!

    For those who know me, you would that I get wound up fairly easily, which is probably why I am such a naturally stressful person. While I was out shopping this weekend, I realised how many ridiculous things in my day to day life really infuriate me.  But, in order to let in the good, you must first need to exhale the bad, so for today’s post I want to release some stress in a light-hearted yet therapeutic way, which hopefully you will relate to, or at the very least find some humour in! So without further ado, let’s dive into the list of utter ridiculous irritations of mine:

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    When people don’t say bless you: I feel like everyone gets annoyed by this one! I always, without fail, say bless you to someone who’s just sneezed. Even if I’m stuffing my face with a doughnut at the time, I will still say bless you, even if it’s a bit muffled. If you can’t then find it in your heart to say two little words to me after my nose had just witnessed a mini-explosion, then I’m sorry but we can’t be friends.

    People saying thank you for me: I am all about manners, I strongly believe that they can go a really long way in life. I will always say thank you when required, but what I hate is when people say thank you for me. For example, I will be out shopping with my boyfriend or someone, and I will be at the till buying something (probably another candle I don’t need) with him next to be. The transition goes through and the shop assistant hands me my bag and receipt, I thank them then go to leave. Then my boyfriend will also say thank you to the shop assistant. Did he buy the candle? No. Did he spend the money? No. Is he relevant in the situation? No. I am perfectly capable of thanking the cashier myself, I do not need you saying thank you on my behalf, in fact, I most likely said it first.

    It’s not just my boyfriend that does it either; my Mum and Dad do the same thing whilst I’m driving! For example, a driver will let me go, I will put my hand up to say thank you, but then I realise they’re also doing the same thing from the passenger seat! I get it if I was a learner, but I have been driving for well over a year now and I know when to say thank you! The whole thing just grinds my gears – pardon the pun!

    People that think they are above watching reality TV: As a reality TV lover, I get that it’s not for everyone. People like different things. However, I don’t appreciate people insinuating I am unintelligent for watching these shows. I enjoy them! They’re a form of escapism, and I don’t appreciate you informing me that you don’t share this interest of mine repeatedly and making out you’re a better person than me. Guess what? I’m not going to stop watching Love Island just because you don’t approve! Get off your high horse, stop spreading negativity and switch channels! Not everybody is going to share your opinions.

    When your personal space is not respected:  I hate parking at the best of times, I always avoid parking next to people, and I basically need all the room I can get. My pet peeve is when I’ve parked the car and go to get out, only for a car to come out of nowhere and park right next to me, despite the car park being half empty. You’ve got all this space, what is the need to park right next to my car?

    The same goes for the bus when someone sits next to you despite a number of empty seats. I was once on a busy bus which was pretty much full. Everyone got off at the same stop apart from me and one lady who was sitting at the front of the bus. She then stood up and came and sat right next to me. I was not impressed! Like are you okay? – By the way, if you couldn’t tell already, I am a Londoner and we don’t like having to interact with people on public transport. I like my personal space!

    Slow walkers who take up the entire path: I am a fast walker, naturally. I simply struggle to stroll or take a slower walk. I get not everyone is the same, and that people walk slower for various different reasons. I am not objecting. But I hate not being able to walk around them without feeling utterly rude. What I recommend it a motorway system with fast lanes on pavements. I have places to be, and I hate overtaking someone who’s walking and taking their time, I just feel so rude! If there was a fast lane on pavements, I could happily be on my speedy way.

    That’s enough moaning for today. I actually feel so much lighter now! Give it a go! Let me know some things that really annoy you and let out some of that trapped stress!

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