Trust the process

    Morning all ❤️ 

    That's my working week done I've thoroughly enjoyed having Friday off and just having me time to exercise and  catch up with things. 

    So its early Saturday morning and im really not tired even though sleeping remedy has been used my brain won't shut up. 

    It's really quite difficult switching your thoughts and your brain off before sleep. 

    You try and think why do i need to think about the most random things ever then spend the next three hours abusing Google for answers.

    I really don't know why we do it to ourselves. 

    So this evening my blog topic is trust the process. 

    This can be linked to different areas of your life. 

    I am the most impatient person ever if i want something i want it yesterday. 

    Yes im that bad. 

    But im ambitious in nature i can't help that it must be my most annoying trait of my zodiac sign. 

    I like things done in such a way im always wanting to finish the task in hand myself. 

    Im not afraid of a challenge in life. 

    Since I've been on my path to self discovery I've found out alot about myself somethings i didnt like and ive made changes to my own personality and way of acting and thinking. 

    Im going to share somethings about myself my bad points and how ive made changes to the new and improved me.

    In all my past relationships I've been hurt and cheated on like alot of people have  this left me with my guard so high it touched out of space past the atmosphere. 

    Its a coping mechanism humans do to protect themselves. 

    Each time i fell in love and i got my heart broken i would bulid the wall a little bit higher. 

    The next relationship i got into i would always drag past issues into the next and i would always live in fear that i would have to go through it all again. 

    So instead I'd just withdraw myself and wouldn't let anyone in. 

    Over time i didn't even recognise myself. 

    I had become controlling, reserved, filled with fear & worry. 

    Confused why didn't anyone just love me for me, what did i ever do so wrong. 

    Doubt kicked in maybe i didn't love them right maybe i wasn't perfect enough or what they expected in bed to be honest i don't think i will ever know the truth. 

    Maybe now i don't need to know. 

    Trying to control every last detail in your life and the people around you can be both mentally and physically draining. 

    I've realised now that over the years my issues with control have not only stopped great opportunities for me but i have also been  suffocating myself and the people around me. 

    Not everything needs a plan, not everything matters, not everything is worth the worry. 

    You have to wait and trust the process. 

    If it happens it happens if it doesn't then so be it let fate take its course. 

    I now understand that whatever awaits me I'll deal with it when the time comes. 

    And trust the process along the way. 

    Love to you all ? 

    Stacie ? ? ? ❤️ ❤️ ❤️






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