Does dressing up improve performance?

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Does dressing up improve performance?

    A lot of people have been very curious to know if dressing up improves one performance and prepares one mentally and otherwise.

    There are many things to know about the way we present ourselves. On a general note, the way one dresses says more about how the person would be addressed.

    You can do your best work when you feel your best. Dressing up improves your output because it gives that sense of empowerment and confidence to take on new challenges, meet new people, and progress in your career.

    When other areas of your professional life may be out of your control, how you present yourself is something that you can control and use to your advantage.

    The image you curate is like your personal brand. It can often communicate a great deal about you to others who don't interact with you.

    Benefits of dressing well at work

    A study by a reliable source pointed out that formal dressing leads to higher abstract thinking thus doctors wearing lab coats were able to focus better in their service.

    Don’t wait till tomorrow start dressing smart and properly today. Let’s take a deep look at the cardinal benefits of proper dress-up at work and other places.

    Improves performance

    Attract the right people

    Promote productivity

    Enhance creativity

    Creation of a positive impression

    Teaches one self-care



    Improves performance

    The question of does dressing up improve performance should be a thing of the past after going through this article.  

    Dressing professionally, smartly, and neatly will improve your mental state which would indirectly enhance your output at work and other places you may find yourself.

    Attract the right people

    Your appearance is your first assessment so take good care of it. The way you dress has a lot to say about you.

    They say first impressions are everything. When you meet someone for the first time, what do you notice before they introduce themselves? Is it how their hair is styled? Is it how well-tailored and so on?

    Take good care of yourself and put on the right clothing and shoes at all times. What better way to win the morning than to have a stylish and well-coordinated outfit all laid out for you? This creates room for personnel of the same or similar mindset to get to know you.

    It's a time of social media and many influencers got fame because of good dressing and clothes like Natalie Michelle Cummings

    Promote productivity

    To increase productivity, you have to change many things. In other words, improving productivity means either reducing the number of materials and labor you're putting into the process or increasing the level of output for the same quantity of input.

    Among the things that encourage productivity is confidence. A well-dressed person has increased confidence thereby indirectly improving productivity and attaining a state of inner peace.

    Enhance creativity

    A Confident person has the tendency of taking responsibility. And the level of responsibilities one takes has a lot to do with how creative the person would be.

    Creation of a positive impression

    Clothing communicates information about the wearer and first impressions can be heavily influenced by the messages conveyed by attire.

    Your style is about dressing appropriately not fashionably, so you don't have to be out of your comfort zone to make a good first impression.

    When you feel great in what you wear, you'll project positivity and engage with more confidence, ultimately helping you make the right impression, especially with new customers.

    Teaches one self-care

    When something is important, you take time to care for it. Every time you dress up well, you remind yourself of how important you are and also subconsciously build your mind.

    If you struggle with self-doubt or being too uneasy with yourself, then dressing well is a simple daily reminder that you have value beyond measure.

    Things to consider when choosing a complementary attire

    Here are different ways and things to consider that would help your stand out and look more pleasing;

    Breath: Use gum or mints to freshen your breath at work

    Hair: Choose the right hairstyle for you

    Nails: Keep nails trimmed and clean

    Makeup: Go for neutral makeup in corporate settings

    Perfume or cologne: Choose light scents or avoid wearing perfume or cologne

    Shoes: Make sure your shoes are clean and, if needed, polished

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