Fake Eyelashes Guide: Beauty Touch for Natural Look

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Fake Eyelashes Guide: Beauty Touch for Natural Look

    When hearing the words ‘fake eyelashes’, most of us probably think of an overly-tanned, cake face person with long eyelashes. However, this is far from true. Fake eyelashes can give your look a beautiful, natural touch and can emphasize your eyes in a great way. Still don’t trust me? Keep reading!

    Fake eyelashes do have this negative stigma around them and that is why, for today’s article, I have decided to defend this useful product and write about ways of getting a natural look using fake eyelashes.

    I want to emphasize the following: if you do choose to apply fake eyelashes, keep the rest of your makeup to a minimum, as you can easily over-do your makeup and get the unnecessary, messy look.  For this post, I am focusing on the cheaper version of eyelashes. Why? Because let’s be honest, most of us are not willing to make a huge investment in fake eyelashes as they most of the times fall out, we lose them, or we just realize they make us look like silly clowns.

    Also, the cheap eyelashes are the ones with the fake look: they are too glossy, too long, and too thick. So let the challenge begin – how to get the natural look with fake eyelashes?

    1.  Cut the fakeness away

    Most of the fake eyelashes are too long which makes them uncomfortable to wear and is probably one of the reasons you remove them only after few hours of wearing.

    Taking small scissors and cutting the few extra millimeters of the eyelashes will make a huge difference. I hope I don’t need to point out cutting them should be done before you glue them! This trick will make your eyelashes look thicker, however, If you don’t want to experiment, I would also recommend these shorter fake Darling eyelashes from House of Lashes. They go on your lower lashes and you can purchase them for $10.00!

    2. Brush these beauties

    One recent trick that has been a game-changer in the world of fake eyelashes is the Whispy Lash Hack. (Make sure to check the video link!). Basically, using a clean mascara brush, you brush the lashes in horizontal streaks, separating each lash and making them look more voluminous. You do need to brush them for a minute or two, but after that, the difference is huge! If you are too lazy to do this, or simply don’t have a clean mascara brush, I would recommend purchasing the Express Mink Prim Eyelashes from Beauty Bay ( $9.75).  The lashes already have enough good volume and will give you this mysterious look you crave for!

    3. Apply them properly

    Of course, no matter how good your fake eyelashes are, not applying them in a correct way will just ruin your look. If you are a newbie in the fake eyelashes world, I would recommend purchasing the trio lashes, as they lay flat against your real lashes and are the easiest to apply. My favorite ones are these Huda Beauty Giselle Lashes which you can purchase for $12.50.

    If you are a pro, then, go for these single lashes as you have more freedom to apply them where you want, and my favorite choice are definitely these: Le Petit Single Individual Lashes by Beauty Bay, for $11.75.

    To apply the eyelashes, just gently dip them in the lash glue, press them along tour natural lash line and hold on for few minutes until they stick together. Depending on the type of eyelashes, you can apply the mascara either before or after the process.

    Extra tips for Flawless Look 

    Once you have applied the fake eyelashes, do the Lash Line Illusion Trick:  apply a dark line of brown or black eyeliner along your lash line. It will hide the glue imperfections and create an illusion of full roots. If I want to guarantee a flawless look, I sometimes apply the Lash Primer which creates a good base for my mascara.

    4.Remove them safely

    To remove the fake eyelashes in a safe way which will prevent damage, use a non-oil based makeup remover which will soften the glue. After that, soak up a cotton pad with the makeup remover, put in on your eyelids for a few seconds, and the lashes will fall by themselves.

    *If you are at a party and want to remove the eyelashes immediately, make sure to peel them from the outer edge as, even if they break the outer area,  it won’t be so visible.


    Following these tips will assure a natural look and will make your lashes look beautiful! If you have never used fake eyelashes before, do watch some tutorials before as the application can be tricky the first few times!


    What are your experiences with fake eyelashes? Let me know if I managed to convince you to purchase them!




    • Petya I Petya I : Thanks for the tips Una! Fake eyelashes are not usually a part of my makeup routine but there have been a couple exceptional times that I used them for my Halloween looks and I really struggled with the application. :D Now I know what's the right way to apply them. :)
      5 years ago 
    • Una  O Una O : Youre welcome Petya! I am really happy the article helped you, as the application can be very tricky sometimes! xx
      5 years ago 
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