Beauty Review | Dove DermaSpa Tanning Mousse

Product details: Dove DermaSpa Tanning Mousse

Beauty Review | Dove DermaSpa Tanning Mousse

    It’s Summertime and we all love to achieve that healthy glow, but at what cost? Exposing your skin without sun protection? That’s a no from me! 

    I love getting as much sun as I can (especially coming from Ireland) and I like a natural looking tan but I also appreciate healthy skin. 

    So how do I achieve both? By using a tanning product, of course, and today I will be discussing my newest tanning favourite, the Dove DermaSpa Tanning Mousse

    There a few things I keep in my mind when it comes to tanning products and they are:

    - How natural is the colour?

    - Does it have a strong tanning product smell? (we all know the one)

    - How does it feel on the skin?

    - Is it easy to apply?

    Dove claims that the DermaSpa Tanning Mousse is:

    “A gradual self tan in a lightweight mousse. Is easy to apply by gliding onto your skin, dries quickly without staining clothes and features moisturisers that gives you nourished and bronzed looking skin” 

    It also comes in two variations, Fair to Medium and Medium to Dark. As mentioned above, I am Irish so I naturally gravitated towards the ‘Fair to Medium’ combination. 

    Tanning products have changed over the years - for the better - and certain aspects that put me off were streaks/patches, smell of the products and even worse, staining clothes or clean bed linen! 

    While I was excited to try this tan, I did wonder if it was too good to be true, but here are my honest thoughts.


    I am not sure if it’s down to the shade but I was surprised to see the mousse was white at first but it does help to show where you have applied it. 

    To apply, I simply pumped some of the product onto my hands - as it states that you can - and applied it to my skin. The mousse is super lightweight and feels moisturising from the first use. 

    I did notice it dries quickly, but it does depend on how much you apply. Best of all? There was no tanning product smell upon the first application, the scent is actually quite sweet, or summery and more like a scented moisturiser. 

    This is what it looked like after the first application. I applied it straight after showering and made sure there wasn’t any dry skin for it to cling onto. I didn’t expect much development at this stage. 

    Now this is where I really started to notice a difference. This was the next morning before I showered again and applied another layer. To say I was impressed is an understatement, it had practically developed within a matter of hours. 

    In this final picture you can clearly see the tan has developed, and this is how it appeared after showering and applying a third layer. It really does look like a natural sun tan and is not orange at all - which can be a problem for Irish skin, and I do not want an orange tan! - and I was extremely happy with it. 

    Going by the checklist mentioned previously in this post, it passes all my concerns. It definitely has a more natural appearance in colour, there is no overwhelming tanning product smell, it feels lightweight on the skin and it’s super easy to apply - trust me, if I can apply it with ease and still have it looking even on my skin, anyone can use it! 

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