Kokie nail polish: will it pass the test or not? - Review


Kokie nail polish: will it pass the test or not? - Review

    Kokie Nail Polish can be purchased for $6.00 and offers a variety of quality nail polish colors which was enough to convince me to do a cosmetics review. 

    Before you continue, make sure to check my favorite makeup products from Kokie here!

     I am that type of girl who just can’t leave her house without having a nail polish on. Actually, I often do my nails on the way to work or university, on the train or while I am waiting for the bus. Sounds quite extreme, right? Well, that’s me!  I am still not matching my nail polish color with my clothes, but I feel that phase is eventually going to come as well, sooner than later. 

    So far, I would always buy nail polish from the same brands. For instance, the Essie ones, which are really cheap, were great for me as they offered a great range of colors. As I like to experiment with the shades quite often, I prefer saving some money on at least one product related to my look, so I opt for affordable brands when it comes to nail polish. 

    One of the main features for me are:

    1)that the nail polish lasts longer than a day. Is that too much to ask?

    2)That it is easy to apply (meaning it has a thicker brush applicator)

    3)That the brand offers nice nude shades as these are my favorite ones 

    Now that you are familiar with my humble requests, let’s check if Kokie nail polish will pass the test or not? 

    - Can the Kokie nail polish last long? 

    Yes, Kokie nail polish can definitely last longer! I was so surprised because I did not expect to find a relatively cheap nail polish to stay more than a few days. I put the nail polish without any top coat and it lasted for about 6 days, which Is definitely a lot for me! I really wonder how long it lasts with the top coat. Super excited to check it out! I have not yet purchased it, but will definitely use the Kokie one! 

    These are the nail products from Kokie cosmetics:


    If you like to add some additional shine to your nails, then check out this 2-step gel polish system. It will make your nails look shiny and will make the color look even more glossy and will make it last up to 7 days! Wow! You apply it like all the other nail polishes and remove it as well, however, you don’t use any UV light and no soaking is required. 


    When it comes to the application of the nail polish, it was very easy to apply as the applicator brush was of a good size. The nail polish would easily be glided on the nails without any lines left and would seal to your nail quickly. The nail polish also dries super-fast, within a minute, which is ideal for busy girls like me J

    A product from Kokie that I also really like is the BRUSH-ON CUTICLE OIL.  It can be purchased for $5.00 and will help nourish, soften and moisturize cuticles. The formula is thick and nice so there is no oil dropping! My hands can sometimes be drier, but this brush-on cuticle oil moisturizes them really nicely and makes them soft.


    Finally, let’s talk about the color palette of Kokie nail polishes! 

    They have so many different colors of nail polishes, but actually, it was not so easy to find the right tone for me. I feel like they could add more natural colors to their palette but here are my fav ones:

    BERRIES N CREAM NP11: $6.00

    This is a classic! It is just a color I love as it is so natural but makes such a nice difference with your looks. As the Kokie nail polishes have a user-friendly brush, the application is completely effortless! If you like looking chic and elegant, then I would definitely recommend this shade! 


    CROWN JEWEL NP53: $6.00

    Okay, this is definitely one of the best shades I have ever purchased! With its gold basis and blue/silver sparkles, it offers the perfect combination of my two favorite colors and is a great choice for a night out!


    TWINKLE NP59: $6.00

    You probably could have noticed so far that I really like the shiny look! This silver nail polish is a nice touch if you want to have a unique look but still not so dramatic!

    However, no matter how nice a nail polish can be, if you do not apply it in a precise way, it will not look good! So here is a tutorial for you to find out about some tricks: 

    Overall, I am really happy with the Kokie nail polishes as they are affordable, stay long and have some really cool shades! Also, they are cruelty-free! I would definitely recommend! 

    What do you think of this brand?  Would love to know your favorite nail polish! 



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    • Petya I Petya I : It definitely looks tempting! My favorite nail polish brands are Zoya and Essence,as both are natural, easy to apply and long-lasting. You should try them out if you haven't yet. :)
      5 years ago 
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