Ultra Repair Cream - First Aid Beauty - Review, tips and cool tool

Product details: Ultra Repair Cream Intense Hydration- First Aid Beauty

Ultra Repair Cream - First Aid Beauty - Review, tips and cool tool

    I have to say I’m quite a newbie to this skincare brand. I haven’t used many of their products but the one that I used, I really loved. As my skin has always been a bit drier, especially in winter, I’ve always struggled with finding the right skincare products to hydrate my skin well enough. I came across the First Aid Beauty skin care brand and I got curious. They say it is dedicated to making every day a good skin day for you creating products that meet your personal needs. That was enough for me- I decided to try the Ultra Repair Cream for Intense Hydration (Award-winning best of Beauty Allure 2016). 

    In this sense, finding the right skin care products for your skin type is really important. Before hydrating and misturizing your skin though, you have to make sure it is well cleaned. To find the right exfoliant for you, check out Una's Exfoliator explained article. And, for those of you who are struggling with skin imperfections, here are some nice product suggestions and tips. Check out Julia's Kate Somerville Blemish Banisher Kit review and The Ordinary review.


    Features and impressions:

    Its light, whipped texture makes it more easily absorbable and it gets rid of the greasy feel after application. It is ideal for sensitive skin which is perfect for me, as my skin is dry and sensitive. I am so happy to have finally found a skin care product that actually has a long-term hydration effect for a dry skin. Most hydrating skin care products for dry that I’ve been using till now only provide a temporary hydration effect that doesn’t last even 24 hours. Good hydration is really important for me as especially in winter my skin gets extra dry and becomes flakey which I really don’t like.  However, this Ultra Repair Cream leaves my skin very smooth, soft and hydrated because of the perfectly balanced combination of nourishing ingredients like Oatmeal extract, Shea Butter and FAB Antioxidant Booster (Licorice Root, Feverfew and White Tea Extract). It costs 30$ but it is worth every penny. You can easily buy it online on the FAB webpage and they even give you an option to buy one time only or schedule a purchase for every 1-6 months for a long-term treatment. Isn’t this great? 




    As First Aid Beauty is dedicated to providing the best care for your skin depending on its specific needs because every skin varies from one person to another, they can also help you find the right skin care products for you. I was pleasantly surprised to find the Skin Finder tool on their webpage. 

    Step 1: Type your name. (FAB takes the personal skin care consulting to another level)


    Step 2: Choose your age. (Age is an important factor for your skin’s health)


    Step 3: Are you a makeup queen? (Makeup also affects your skin’s health)


    Step 4: What is your skin type?


    Step 5: What kind of skin problems do you want to fix?


    Step 6: Are you in a long-term relationship with acne/blemishes?


    And Voila!

    Finding the right products for your skin type has never been easier!   


    As a person who has struggled with having dry skin and the extra care it needs, I’d like to share some tips that will help you easily determine whether your skin is on the wrong path of dehydration. 

    But first- Is there a difference between moisture and hydration?


    While dehydrated skin is the result of the lack of regular water consumption and needs to be Hydrated, dry skin results from lack of oil and needs to be Moisturized. It is important to know the difference because this helps you avoid incorrect treatment. Hydration is what makes our skin soft. However, if there is no oil to act as a protective layer that seals the hydration, it will just evaporate and leave the skin dry and flaky. So we can say that the two terms are related but they are not the same thing. And they need each other- if you put oil on the dehydrated skin, it will become smooth but it will not be soft and elastic. On the other hand, if you hydrate dry skin but it still lacks the moisture, it will keep its flaky and rough texture. 

    But how to determine whether you consume enough water to keep your skin hydrated?

    A simple Pinch Test will show you just how hydrated your skin is! 

    How does it work?

    1. Pinch the skin on the back of your hand, lower arm or abdomen, between two fingers. 
    2. Hold the skin for a few seconds and release.
    3. Pay attention to how quickly your skin returns to its normal shape.
    4. If it quickly returns to normal, your skin is hydrated enough. However, if it takes longer, you are probably already dehydrated to some extent.


    I have to be honest- I also recently found out how crucial it is to be able to differentiate hydration and moisture. This helped me a lot with defining my skin’s exact condition. That’s why I decided to share it with you and hopefully, it will be helpful for others as well.  

    To go back to the Ultra Repair Cream for Intense Hydration, it is by far one of the best nourishing skincare products that I’ve used for my Fall/Winter skincare routine. My skin is smoother and has this healthy natural glow. 

    I am excited to hear your thoughts and experience!



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