5 tips to be a more sustainable traveler

    Dominican Republic


    It is a fact that because of pollution and exploitation of natural resources we should be looking for more sustainable ways of traveling. Even if you didn't think about it, small steps could help small tourist spots to grow, the environment, and help with the economy of small towns. 

    From buying local to stop using single-use plastic, and staying in hostels. These things could help more than you think. 

    So, let's get into it! 5 tips to be a more sustainable traveler!

    1. Say bye-bye to single-use plastic

    You saw this one coming, don't lie to me! 

    Plastic is the worst type of pollution right now, and cutting plastic from our traveling will help in all the ways you could imagine. So, stop buying bottles of water, instead, use a reusable one, and don't use the plastic straws they give you! Change it to the stainless steel ones. 

    The planet and the cleaners will be forever thankful. 

    2. Stay in eco-friendly accommodations

    There are plenty of eco-friendly accommodations, wherever you go! 

    So before booking that 5 stars hotel where everybody stays, look for hostels and these types of places to help both the planet and small business. 

    3. Consume local

    Yes, there are plenty of 5 stars restaurants everywhere. From national to international food, however, isn't it better to try the food from the locals? 

    Try exotic fruits from the market or a local dish from a small restaurant. Help people to grow! They'll be nicer and friendlier than what you expect. I promise! 

    4. Visit hidden gems and not very known places

    Every country has its big places and very visited beaches or museums. However, these aren't always the most beautiful places in the country! 

    From my experience as a Dominican, there are hundreds of places in my country that will give you fun experiences and beautiful views other than Punta Cana or Samaná (everybody knows my country for these places). 

    So, before traveling, look for those hidden gems, and don't miss them!

    5. Support local artisans, vendors and any type of business 

    We all take souvenirs with us after a trip, don't lie! 

    So, instead of going to big and concurrent markets, visit the locals and buy their art. You cannot imagine how happy you'll make those people! 

    And that's it for today's post! 

    Do you have any tips to be a more sustainable traveler? Let me know in the comments!

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