Praia do Wimbe

    I have always believed in taking time away and reset from all the busy days we be having,  the rush to get things done. Taking care of our household, the kids and everything. 

    I took this picture on a little getaway I took , I guess I really just needed a break,  to relax and really have a good time. I am one person that loves traveling and everything that comes with traveling.  I look forward to learning about the culture,  tasting food and traditional food of the location I'll be traveling to and sight seeing beautiful places. The memories created will always last and of cause pictures ,just so you don't forget

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    • Didi S Didi S :

      I really your words. I'm glad you are enjoying my writing

      7 months ago 
    • Julia M Julia M :

      Didi, beautiful shot! And, of course, I completely understand the need for a break. It is crucial to take some alone time, far from the chores and responsibilities, to reset and be able to be productive, creative, and fun. And, what a beautiful place to take a break - Mozambique!

      7 months ago 
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