Not ready for fall? Here are some European places to chase summer in September & October

Not ready for fall? Here are some European places to chase summer in September & October

    Spain, Italy, Malta, Greece
    Tenerife, Malaga, Athena, Valletta, Sicily

    If you are anything like me, then you are not ready for summer to be over and for the cold days to take over. Here are 5 destinations to escape the cold in Europe.

    1. Malta 

    The small island in the middle of the Mediterranean sea can be enjoyed until the end of October, even in November. 

    The chances of rain increase, but even so the temperatures will be high.

    You can get a last-minute tan while swimming in the Blue Lagoon, combined with a history lesson in the beautiful capital Valletta. 

    2. Tenerife 

    The island of the eternal spring is the best place to run away from the cold. 

    Beaches, hiking, water and entertainment parks, amazing food, you name it, they have it. 

    Given its location, I would qualify this as the most affordable “exotic” trip that Europeans can make. 

    3. Sicily

    The south of Italy is one of the best places to enjoy the blue waters and the sandy beaches in the fall. 

    The temperatures might vary, so I would pack some warmer clothes just to be safe.    

    4. South of Spain - Malaga

    The place where all the rich people retire, it’s also the place you might want to run away to during fall. 

    You can enjoy the history as well as the beautiful beaches while getting a tapas and a glass of Sangria. Salute!

    5. Athens  

    Greece is another great example of combining beach days with history lessons. 

    One day on the Acropolis, followed by one on the beautiful Egina island. What more to ask for?

    Another plus here would be the nice water temperature even in late October. 

    If you are considering your “summer” vacation in the fall, you will also be happy to know that the prices will also be a lot more affordable than the ones in the prime season. 

    Not to mention that most of these destinations are extremely hot during summer, so it's time to start searching for that flight! 

    Where are you running away this fall?

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