Sydney, one of a kind
    Sydney, one of a kind

    First fact; Sydney is not the capital of Australia (I didn’t know that). Second fact; Sydney is one of a kind. A mix of old and new ambition, translated into exaggerating buildings, expensive cocktails and a beautiful harbor. No matter which face it pulls, you can see it’s pretty. A simple stroll through the center shows a sophisticated lifestyle; small boutiques placed in baroque designed, timeless warehouses. The bigger shops are located near the touristic places which are crowded as usual. Although two blocks ahead, tranquility has fallen upon the streets again. Beautiful decorated cafe’s, bars and small restaurant are luring everyone inside.

    Sydney also has a green side, which definitely is expanding. Don’t skip the botanical gardens or the little parks in the middle of the night. Another thing to do would be visiting a rugby match which is an extreme (and dangerous) sport. I’d never expect to see supporters from different teams sitting next to each other, laughing and drinking together. Something that should be normal but is nowhere to be found in the Netherlands with games like soccer. Sydney has a nice climate, a lively nightlife and free exercise devices in most parks. (had to be mentioned).
    And even though I think Bondi beach feels like a “”see and be seen” spot, those waves sure did put a spell on me.

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