Traveling: 2nd time in Rome

    There is a saying that all roads lead to Rome, I would suggest converting it to “all roads should lead you to Rome”. I fell in love with Eternal city in 2015 and this year I got reminded of why. If the roads never took you there, then you need to make a change.

    This is the only capital city that I visited twice (as a vacation) and to be completely honest, I would do it again. It’s something about Fontana di Trevi that keeps on calling me back. The fountain is my favorite spot and I could stay there watching for hours :D. 

    Even though I went at the beginning of June (the first week), the temperatures were high, so I do have to admit that summer is far from the perfect season. Yet, if you are willing to put up with the temperature from the daytime, during the night it’s beyond anything you’ve imagined. 

    The city is alive, even after 2000 years of history (and even more), you can feel the vibration from a place that stood the test of time. 

    Given it was the first time for my partner to see it, I went to all the “major” attractions such as the Colosseum, the Vatican museums and Domo, Castelo de Angelo, all the plazas from the city as well as to the Foro Romano. 

    I would say that Rome is better seen from the outside, but I do recommend you get the tickets if you are here for the first time. Also, I would recommend the Roma Pass, not because it’s going to save you a lot of money, but because you get to skip the line. 

    To me the city is like a museum, everywhere you go you will see history, culture and the most amazing architecture. To top that, you get the Italian cuisine and the locals' sense of fashion. I could stay and just watch the people pass by for hours.

    Even though it’s a big city, Rome is highly safe to walk, we rarely took the bus or the metro. Getting around the city can be done by foot if you like walking and you choose central accommodation.

    We went to a hotel near the central station (Termini) and we didn’t regret it. 

    Just to get an idea of the costs, we spent around 1200 euros for 2 persons, 4 days, including the plane ticket from Romania, accommodation with breakfast included, food and transport, as well as a bit of shopping. The budget could be smaller if you don’t plan on dining out or buying anything. 

    As a final thought, Italy is a gorgeous place that everyone should have on their list, the reason I am not adding Rome specifically is that there are so many places here that are a must and I want to make them justice. 

    If you plan on traveling here during summer, wear appropriate clothing, natural fibers are a must. Also, you will want to visit the churches from here, so make sure your shoulders and legs are covered. 

    Now if you miss the city, or you are curious about what it’s like, Netflix can give you a hand with Love and Gelato (not a great movie, but a feel-good one that is shot in Rome).

    Let me know if you’ve been there or if it’s on your list!

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