What to Expect from Your Hotel Stay During Coronavirus

What to Expect from Your Hotel Stay During Coronavirus

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    A few weeks ago, my boyfriend and I spent a few nights at a hotel. Not because we were on vacation, but because our home was being fumigated for termites. Since we’re in the middle of a pandemic, we were worried about staying at a hotel. However, we had no other choice. So we booked a room at our local Hilton Hotel. Keep scrolling to read about our experience and what you should expect from your hotel stay during coronavirus.

    What to Expect from Your Hotel Stay During Coronavirus

    The Hotel’s Social Distancing Protocols

    To start, one of our concerns about staying at a hotel during coronavirus was social distancing (or lack of). However, the Hilton had social distancing protocols and posted signs throughout its lobby, hallways, and elevators. Most commonly, some signs reminded guests to practice regular personal hygiene.

    Others reminded guests to adopt safe handshake alternatives. My personal favorite was the Vulcan hand gesture. 🖖🏼

    Additionally, other signs reminded hotel guests of elevator etiquette. Essentially, elevator rides were limited to a maximum of three people at a time.

    It may seem excessive to post signs all over the hotel. But it was nice to see constant reminders about social distancing.

    Cleanliness of the Hotel and Room

    Next, we were concerned about the cleanliness of the hotel room during our stay. Whenever staying at a hotel, I look at the lobby as an indicator of how clean my room will be. The Hilton’s lobby area was clean, pristine, and modern. Along with social distancing signs, there were plenty of hand sanitizer dispensers throughout the lobby.

    On the way to our room, the elevator and hallways were also clean. When we entered our hotel room, it felt like any other stay. Although the carpet and ceiling were outdated, the hotel room seemed fine. The bedsheets and bath towels seemed clean enough. I didn’t notice anything bothersome while inspecting them. I never walk around a hotel room barefoot. So my sandals stayed on until I slept or showered.

    Every morning, housekeeping came to remove the trash, tidy up, and to replace the bath towels. We felt safe about housekeeping because everyone wore gloves and masks.

    Level of Comfort with the Hotel Stay

    Overall, we felt safe and comfortable with our hotel stay during coronavirus. The hotel staff was friendly and welcoming. For the most part, everyone from staff to guests followed social distancing guidelines. However, some guests didn’t have masks on.

    Additionally, we were satisfied with our accommodations. Our hotel room was clean and spotless. For both nights, we ate dinner at the hotel’s restaurant. The food and service were satisfactory. Also, we ordered room service for dessert. I got their mango sorbet, which was delicious.

    However, we were not satisfied with some things. For one, the ice machines were out of service to ensure social distancing guidelines. To get ice, we had to go to the lobby and grab it from their freezer. The ice was pre-bagged in 3-pound bags. Also, our hotel room didn’t have a microwave. We had to go down to the lobby and use a communal microwave to warm up our food. The communal microwave caused us to be extra cautious with using it.

    All in all, we were happy with our stay. We felt safe and comfortable lodging in a hotel room during coronavirus. There were some downsides to our hotel stay. But if we had to do it again, we’d definitely stay at the Hilton.

    xo, Valerie

    Have you had to travel or stay in a hotel during coronavirus?

    Let me know about your overall experiences. You can also connect with me on social media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

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