How to Make a Wrap Skirt with a Ruffle Hem

Product details: 'Frankie' Wrap Skirt by Made Label

How to Make a Wrap Skirt with a Ruffle Hem

    Looking for an easy clothing sewing project? Why not have a go at making your own DIY wrap skirt with a ruffle hem?
    Made with a lovely polka dot viscose material to give it a great drape and swish to it. Perfect for the Spring/Summer months, and flouncing around some lavender fields. This skirt totally has a bit of a Cottagecore fashion style to it!
    The best bit about this skirt is, it is made using a FREE sewing pattern by Made Label. All you have to do is sign up for their newsletter to gain access to the pattern. It is really easy to sew and put together, using french seams to do so. 

    Let's get crafting!

    See the full tutorial over on www.aimsysantics.co.uk - https://aimsysantics.co.uk/diy-wrap-skirt-how-to-make-the-frankie-wrap-skirt/

    I also have a video tutorial on YouTube - //www.youtube.com/embed/OilT9ZiTC-w?wmode=transparent

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